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La Nube by El Cielo Resort

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La Nube By El Cielo Resort

An innovative tourist complex with only 76 units and a building featuring 44 condominiums, located in El Médano at Km. 45 on the shores of Rosarito Beach, offering tranquility in front of the most incredible natural setting that the sea provides us. It will feature 3 and 4 bedrooms ranging from 180m2 to 243m2, with comfortable and spacious interior and exterior spaces. You will enjoy terraces, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, a beachfront clubhouse with majestic sunrises and sunsets. Undoubtedly, we are the real estate project you've been waiting for, for those seeking the best ocean views.

An exclusive development with only 76 homes and a 44-unit condominium tower located in the southern part of Puerto Nuevo in Playas de Rosarito. Listening to and seeing the ocean from your new home will bring life, tranquility, and harmony, all within a community that shares your desires. Featuring 3 and 4-bedroom constructions, spacious layouts, balconies with ocean views, and cutting-edge design. Enjoy your beachfront clubhouse with a pool and jacuzzi.

Commercial building for future Grocery Store, Restaurant & top floor prototype for Condominiums

Location La Nube by El Cielo Resort

Condominium Regulations
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