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Valle de Guadalupe

Updated: Feb 9

Mexico's Baja California peninsula is fast becoming a top destination for wine lovers. With its diverse climate, fertile soil, and dedicated winemakers, the region boasts a remarkable array of wineries and vineyards. Discover the 10 best Baja California wineries and vineyards and embark on a journey through this enchanting wine country a short drive away from San Diego, CA. You might see the winemaker walking around the property or in the tasting room, meaning you may even have the opportunity to meet them and learn some of their winemaking secrets. Here are the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe to visit this year!

1.Xecue Vinicola

2.El Cielo Resort and Winery

3.Monte Xanic

4.Malagón Winery

5.Casa Magoni

6.Barón Balché

7.Don Tomas Vinedo

8.Lechuza Vieyard


10.Trevista Vinicola vineyards

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